Pronounce Pond Pucks

Pronounce Pond Pucks reduce ammonia, stimulate fish activity, and improve visual water quality, which ultimately improves the pond’s overall eco-system.

Customers have reported:

  • Obvious visual change in water quality in 3-4 days, even in cold water.
  • Ammonia reduction from 12ppm to 0.5 ppm in 3 weeks.
  • Stimulated fish activity. One pond reported a need to increase feed from 2 tons to 4 tons in less than 48 hours.
  • Under cold water conditions (less than 60 degrees), fish continue to be active.

Directions for Use:

During Periods of High Ammonia Levels: Distribute 25-40 pucks/acre, followed by monthly applications of 5-10 pucks/acre, depending upon ammonia levels.

Preventative Application March thru October: Distribute 5-10 pucks/month/acre, depending upon ammonia levels.

Contact your Verity Farms Representative for further information.

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